15strawberries's Journal

黒崎 一護
15 July
For myrdallia but now for dreamscope
bad religion, being an outlaw, being badass, being single, being the man, chocolate, choking annoying fuckers, cockblocking idiots, fighting the man, free food, hanging out with keigo, having a cause, i do not bottom, i'm not doing anything, ihu, keigo bottoms forever xbankai, keigo couldn't top pillows, keigo enjoys couches, keigo is delusional, keigo's a brat, keigo's a faggot, keigo's a retard, keigo's a sissy, keigo's a stick, keigo's lazy, keigo's never having sex, keigo's selfish, kicking others, kidnapping princes, missing mom, missing yuzu and karin, not a bitch, not a woman, not begging, not being fucking retarded, not being spoiled!, not coming back, not feeling dumb, not missing isshin, not molodiouf, not taking it, not the girl, not!binding spells, not!getting topped, not!royalty, okmaybeilikethechocolate, princes, protecting others, punching perverts, quit that, saving the day, stop pouting, sword fighting, topping princes, u suk, war sucks, whutever, you play dirty, you started it, you're a spoiled brat, you're annoying, you're ok maybe